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Cleanroom - FORMED


Production facility

Production facility

In 2013, we carried out a thorough modernization of our production facilities to establish a D class cleanroom. A state of the art ventilating unit with H13 HEPA filters ensures a change rate of 15 air changes per hour, and air purity at a level of less than 3,500,000 particles sized 0.5 µm or larger per cubic metre.
The production process

The production process

The packaging production process is conducted in GMP air purity class D conditions, allowing the safe use of our products in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Cleanroom temperature, humidity and air pressure are continuously monitored, ensuring the cleanliness of the production process.

    "FORMED" Sp. J. has been operating in Polish and international markets since 1989, providing services for chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies. For many years we have invested in equipment and staff skills to ensure the highest quality of our products.

    In 2003, the company implemented the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. The system has been used and expanded ever since. In 2015, we are planning to undergo the ISO 15378:2011 certification process regarding packaging materials for direct contact with medicinal products.

    Our company specializes in the production of plastic containers with capacities of 5-150mL. Our products can be used for drugs requiring instillation or atomization, cosmetic and chemical liquids, and others.


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  • Maintenance and holiday break 2016.07.09-2016.07.31
    Please be informed that the company will be closed between 09.07.2016 and 31.07.2016 due to a scheduled maintenance and holiday break....


"FORMED" P. i P. Dziuba Sp. J.

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